Credit card

For some countries there is a limit for transactions that are taken by card, and any orders exceeding this limit will need to be topped up by an alternative payment – these include Bitcoin, Western Union and bank transfer. The maximum amount you can spend using your card is € 2000.

Bank transfer

Please use the order number as reference for any bank transfers. You can usually initiate an international bank transfer from your online account, telephone banking or visiting your local branch in person. We usually receive payments within 2-3 days from leaving your bank account.


Bitcoin is a secure, fast and fee free way to pay your order. Bitcoin transactions are fast becoming a preferred method of payment. If remaining anonymous is important to you i.e. you do not wish to leave a paper trail with your banks then bitcoin payment is absolutely the best way to go.


Bitcoin is becoming the easiest way for customers to pay for all orders,


1 – Sign up for a Bitcoin wallet. Google “Bitcoin wallet” or search your mobile App store. Use the same process to locate where and how to buy Bitcoins. Some wallets provide both service.

2 – When you have Bitcoin(s) in a wallet your ready to shop! To shop with onetouchem simply buy as normal and when you checkout select Bitcoin as your payment method. 10% off is automatically be deducted.

3 – When you have ordered we will send you an email confirmation with our Bitcoin address needed to send your payment to. Or you’ll be able to pay there and then (best option all round). However you may need to log into your wallet and send the correct amount requested in your order email confirmation.

4 – Email us with your order number, Blockchain transaction id and confirm you have sent a Bitcoin payment. We then pair your payment to your order and ship the same day if possible.

BUYCOINS.IO (Visa & Mastercard):

BueCoins.cio is a 3rd party website that sells Bitcoin (BTC) and sends us your payment in BTC. Its very simple and you do not need to do anything, its fully automatic. When you order from and choose this payment method you’ll be forwarded to BuyCoins to make payment then redirected back to when your payment is successful. Currently this is a FREE option and accepts both Visa & Mastercard is available. Please note because Buycoins are located in Asia the fee may vary slightly from the value shown at checkout this is due to foreign exchange rates you may also be charged an international transaction fee by your bank this is out of our control this is charged by your bank.

Cancellations of orders:

If you wish to cancel any order placed you must notify us prior to your order reaching the status of ” Awaiting EU Shipping” or “Awaiting EU Shipping Tracked ” once your order reaches one of these statuses it is not possible to amend or cancel. An administration cancellation fee of 3% of your order total or €5 whichever is greater will be deducted from your refund as we must spend time cancelling your order and contacting our card processor to arrange your refund which we are also charge for. If you wish to receive a store credit that can be spent at a later date then no fee will be deducted.