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What is 3-MMC?

3-Methylmethcathinone (or 3-MMC) is a synthetic entactogenic stimulant. It belongs to a chemical class known as cathinone. In fact, 3-mmc is basically cathionone derivative, which is the principle active constituent of plant ”khat” (Cathullus edullis) present in east Africa. It is as a less potent version of 4-mmc (mephedrone).

The product belongs to a substituted cathinone class, where cathinones are the sub-class of amphetamines. 3-mmc is structurally analogous to mephedrone. It possesses the same core amphetamine structure of a phenyl. It differs from other cathinones by the ketone attachment on the beta carbon of the amphetamine framework. 3-MMC undergoes two methyl substitutions, such as at R3 position of the phenyl ring and the other at the nitrogen group RN on the cathinone skeleton.

3mmc is available in market as white powder or crystallized shards. Huma should take it via insufflations, vaporized solutions or through injections.

Bioactivity of 3-MMC

The product is a fast-acting substance that produces powerful yet short-lived euphoric.

There is not enough data on the pharmacological properties, metabolism and toxicity of this substance and has a scarce history of human consumption.

Expected Physical effects of 3-MMC

It produces  physical euphoria and disinhibition, tactile enhancement, increased stamina and body control, temperature regulation suppression, vasoconstriction, abnormal heartbeat, increased heart rate and perspiration, nausea, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, decreased appetite, muscle contractions, pupil dilation, increased libido, orgasm suppression, nystagmus, teeth grinding, seizure.

It has various cognitive effects and act to cause cognitive euphoria, anxiety suppression.The product also increase appreciation of music, empathy, affection, sociability, motivation and immersion enhancement. Also, Individuals are likely to experiences delirium, confusion, thought deceleration and time compression. Furthermore, other visual or auditory effects such as color enhancement, pattern recognition enhancement, suppression of double vision. Distortions of tracers and symmetrical texture repetition and auditory hallucinations and enhancements.

Also the after-effects present itself in the form of anxiety, cognitive fatigue, depression, irritability, wakefulness, thought deceleration and decreased motivation.

Dosage Information for 3-MMC

The minimal amount of 3-MMC required to produce action starts from a dose of 10 to 25 mg and mild effects are good when taken in dosage of around 25 to 75 mg. The normal dose varies from 75 to 150 mg, while a dose of 150 to 300 mg is perfect when strong action is desired. The dosages above 300 mg are likely to cause substantial adverse effects and may prove to be fatal.

It is a short acting drug and its duration of action lasts from 4 to 6 hours. The onset of action is from 10 ? 30 minutes and an increased stimulant effect is experienced within 30 to 60 minutes. Then, the peak affects are observed at 2 to 3 hours, while it begins to offset soon after some hours.


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