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4F-EPH (4′-fluoro-ethylphenidate) or 4F-ethylphenidate has substituted phenethylamine, piperidine, and close analog of ethylphenidate and therefore methylphenidate (ritalin).
There has not been many reports on the use of 4F-EPH in humans however due to 4F-EPH and 4F-MPH’s similarities in their pharmacological mechanisms but distinctively different subjective effects where one maybe more euphoric and recreational in its experience while others maybe more functional stimulants.
4F-EPH has little to no history of human usage prior to its distribution online through research chemical vendors.
It was initially developed as a replacement for ethylphenidate which became illegal in the United Kingdom, due to a temporary blanket ban.


As with all products we sell

The chemicals and pellets we sell are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION or any form of in vivo research or experiments, if you are in any doubt of how to safely conduct in vitro experiments with our products or do not have the correct safety equipment then please do not order.

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10gr (120€), 1g (20€), 1gr (25€), 25gr (200€), 2gr (40€), 500mg (15€), 5gr (75€)

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