By using the website, products and services offered by Onetouchem.eu (“the company”), or when communicating with the company in order to inquire or discuss ordering, you are agreeing to these terms in their entirety. The company reserves the right to alter these terms from time to time without prior notice.

All products are sold for research purposes only. They are strictly not for human consumption or for any form of in-vivo research or experimentation.

You agree that you will not hold the company liable for any harm resulting from improper use of any products sold. It is your responsibility to check that the contents of your order are legal to import, possess, and use for your intended purpose in your country or region. The company accepts no responsibility for any orders, or action taken in relation to the purchase or importation thereof. The products sold by the company are not intended for purchase, possession or use by any persons under the age of 18, and you agree that you are not under this age-limit, nor are you ordering on behalf of, or for supply to any persons who are. By ordering, you are confirming that that you are a bonafide research institute, a research scientist, or a student of chemistry. All compounds are supplied strictly for laboratory research use only, primarily reagent testing and GC/MS reference, in well-equipped facilities, with all necessary safety equipment and procedures in place.

You also agree that you will undertake a risk assessment of the compounds and the way in which they are intended to be utilized, and will not proceed with, or allow, any actions to be taken which could cause damage or increased risk or harm of any kind to any persons or property. You agree that you will implement strict procedures covering both handling and use of the substances within your organization or facility, in order to prevent any improper usage or harm. You will acquire all necessary safety information prior to ordering, and label all materials as required.

Patent disclaimer – All products are offered subject to patent restrictions in your territory. The Company does not warrant that the use or sale of the products delivered under will not infringe the claims of any European or other patent(s) covering the product itself or the use thereof in combination with other products or in the operation of any process.

onetouchem.eu no later than 7 days from date of delivery. No claims after this period will be investigated.


Bitcoin is an anonymous method of payment which means we do not know who payments are received from. After makingyour payment you must contact our customer support team advising order number and blockchain transaction id so that we can match your payment to your order. If you do not confirm payment within 14 days it is likely that your payment will not be able to be matched and you will lose your payment so ensure you confirm as soon as you send your payment. Lost payments will not be honoured and no goods will be sent.


Payment must be made in full prior to orders being processed. If paying by card please note because Buycoins are located in Asia the fee may vary slightly from the value shown at checkout this is due to foreign exchange rates you may also be charged an international transaction fee by your bank this is out of our control this is charged by your bank.


Purchase of  DHL or UPS Tracked Shipping

We offer for wholesale orders of herbal blends only a tracked express courier service. This service is provided for tracking purposes only and does not include insurance. All orders are shipped at buyers own risk and no compensation will be offered under any circumstances if your order does not arrive safely.

Claims for incorrect or missing items:

Any claim for goods missing from order, wrong item delivered or any discrepency in your order must be submitted in writing within 7 days of delivery date. Please email full details of your claim to infos@onetouchem.eu

Countries excluded from the reship guarantee

Countries that will not receive a free reship due to high confiscation rates are , Norway, , Hungary, Italy and any other country not within the EU. All of these countries the customer buys at their own risk with no compensation in any form to be given no matter how the order is shipped.

Cancellation or amendment of orders:

If you wish to cancel or amend any order placed you must notify us prior to your order reaching the status of ” Awaiting EU Shipping” or “Awaiting EU Shipping Tracked ” once your order reaches these statuses it is not possible to amend or cancel. Please also note that a sent email does not mean your cancellation / amendment has been actioned as our warehouse will continue to process orders whilst our office is closed the change is only applied after you have received a response from our sales team, office opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.00h – 15.00h excluding  public holidays.

An administration fee of 5% of your order total or €10 whichever is greater will be deducted from your refund as we must spend time cancelling your order and contacting our card processor to arrange your refund, we are also charged by our card processor for issuing refunds.

If any terms of part of these terms are deemed unforeseeable by a court of law, you confirm your acceptance completely that the remaining terms or parts of terms will remain valid and in force.